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This blog is about everything that the authors want to talk about!

The authors

[Anna] (https://blogtitle.github.io/authors/anna/)

Anna is a traveler, yogi, scuba diver and many other things. Between her adventures she enjoys writing Go code. She is now based in San Francisco working with Stripe’s security team.

Opinions are her own.


Rob is a coder, science lover and glitch magnet. He likes to find weird and unexpected behaviors in anything related to technology. You can find some of his opinions on twitter and some of his code on GitHub. He currently works as a security engineer @Google.

Opinions are his very own unless hacked. In that case they are hacker’s.

Licences, technologies, credits

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The theme is clorine: a fork of the natrium theme, changed by Anna to support multiple authors and slightly adjusted by Rob for colors and fonts.

The font used to render code blocks is the awesome FiraCode.